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San Blas Day Tour Group of happy tourists in cler ocean.

Only  $ 114

Imagine a place which genuinely looks like a Robinson Crusoe hideaway. The sand is white and fine, the sea feels warm like bathwater, coconut palms will provide welcome shade, the snorkeling is excellent, and on all our San Blas tours there probably won’t be more than fifteen of you there. The Kuna will feed you and take you to other islands, but otherwise they will just let you be. It is, genuinely, a little piece of paradise. We invite you to join our San Blas Day Tour and experience this little piece of heaven for yourself.

Croatia Sailing Charter with guests lounging and relaxing

From  € 2,900

Croatia sailing could well be heaven on earth —Croatia has one of the most gorgeous and geographically rich coastlines in all of the Mediterranean with ancient ruins, romantic seaside villages and thousands of islands to explore on your luxurious Croatia sailing charter sailboat, away from the usual tourism. Anchor in a picturesque bay and snorkel in clear waters during the day and visit a historic towns at night for dinner to savor in some of the best wine and cuisine you ever had while watching the sunset turn orange red behind your sailing yacht.

Darien Jungle Expedition

From $ 290

The virtually impenetrably dense rainforests of the Darien Gap are the one missing link in the 48,000 kilometer long Pan-American highway. Home only to a handful of lost civilizations, a myriad of unique species and mist-shrouded mountains. Its humid depths and 5,000 year old Petroglyphs have lured intrepid souls for centuries.


Join  our guided Darien Jungle tours to be one of the few explorers to trek the Darien Gap on foot.

San Blas Sailing Charter catamaran anchored in clear ocean

From  $ 250

The ultimate San Blas islands adventures... Have you heard of the amazing San Blas Islands of Panama? Have you seen the post-card perfect photos of deserted white sand specks in the turquoise oceans or of smiling Kuna children beckoning you to partake in their little piece of paradise? With some of the most spectacular beaches in all of the world, and with less than 10% of the islands being inhabited by the Kuna tribe, you'll be exploring and indulging your cast-away fantasies in extreme isolation, while enjoying all inclusive comforts and services on your luxurious sailboat.

Salina Cruz Surf Camp, Surfer in tube

From $ 139

"Strike mission" is such a harsh, militant term. You're not crossing the Mexican border for a tactical assault - you're going because you saw a Southern Hemi swell on its way to Salina Cruz and you're calling in sick on Tuesday night for a long weekend of draining right tubes. You've given your mediocre home break, loving wife and steady office job more than ample face time. It's time to do just you. It's time to do some pain to your hips from crouching in 80-degree, sand-bottomed dream-pits — not your office chair. It's time for a Salina Cruz Surf Camp - and five days is all you'll need. Don't waste 'em seeing anything but the inside of a reeling right barrel. The Zapotec ruins at Monte Alban can wait for the Mrs.

Huatulco Sailin Charter sailboat anchored in the bay

From  $ 180

Visit the hidden paradise of Mexico, not yet known to many travelers. With a coastal strip of 35 kilometers, Huatulco features nine pristine bays with most of them only accessible by boat. Take your pick from 36 soft sand beaches, anchor in a remote bay and swim in the turquoise, clear waters. Explore the many rock formations and caves nearby and round off the day with a cocktail by the bonfire, waiting for the multitude of stars to emerge from the clear night sky. Enjoy all inclusive service and escape into the tranquil and soothing way of life, the way that the local population has preserved over many centuries.

Wedding Couple San Blas Panama

Perfect Trip! First one like this for us and I would absolutely do it again! We always dreamed of having a wedding in paradise and thanks to the help of Tao Travel 365 we made that dream a reality. Very well organized, planned and executed...We were a group of 12 people staying in the San Blas Islands at Narasgandup island in simple, yet gorgeous cabins that have access to the ocean from your balcony. We also booked a three day San Blas sailing adventure away from the group.  Despite the wedding excitement, I literally got to relax and enjoy myself since I'm usually the type A planner extraordinaire! I loved that we were treated like VIPs everywhere we went rather than like annoying tourists lol. The Kuna people in this region were warm, welcoming and very proud and passionate about their culture and traditions.   Michelle F. 

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Tao Travel 365 Philosophy

Couple on sailboat enjoying a shot of tequila

While sailing around the world on their 45-foot sailboat and encountering many amazing adventures, founders Michael Brusch and Paola Ticona felt the urge to share the beauties and unique experiences they lived on a daily basis with the world.


At Tao Travel 365 we believe in eco-friendly travel preserving the beauties of nature and forming meaningful human relationships with the locals, while adhering to our Tao philosophies that focus on being in balance with yourself and with nature. Every adventure we offer to our customers has been handpicked and personally experienced by Michael and Paola, who value high quality experiences, great prices and excellent customer service. 

We believe travel opens up horizons, broadens perspectives and affords us an unforgettably enjoyable experience. Receiving this precious gift of life mostly stems from a beautiful interaction with the local culture and thus we aim to maintain this treasure by sharing our love, energy and profits.

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