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Monteverde Horseback Riding Tour


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Costa Rica is home to a large variety of wildlife, mostly due to its geographic location between the North and South American continents. a neotropical climate and many different habitats. Monteverde is part of the rare "Cloud Forest" ecosystem, home to an incredible number of plant and animal species. In Monteverde, Costa Rica alone, there are approximately 2,500 plant species with 750 tree species, 400 orchid species (the largest variety of orchid species in a single place), over 100 species of mammals and 400 different species of birds. 

Exploring the area on horseback is the ideal way to get close to this amazingly rich biodiversity. Peacefully riding along the many trails and spotting monkeys and rare birds, such as the strikingly colored Quetzal will give you many lasting memories and photo opportunities to share with your family and friends at home.

The Tour 

As with all the "hand-picked" tours we offer on our website, our Monteverde adventures are the highest-rated and most fun tours in the area. This premium Monteverde Costa Rica horseback riding tour lasts approximately 1.5 to 2 hours, giving you the opportunity to explore this magnificent area and plan the rest of your day for another adventure, or rest in one of the romantic cabins letting your impressions of the day settle in. All of our horseback riding guides are skilled horse trainers that grew up in Monteverde and  have excellent knowledge of the many roads and trails in the area. All guides are well educated in the Monteverde’s rich biodiversity and enjoy pointing out plants and wildlife to their guests. Aside from the spectacular flora and fauna, your tour guide will share his knowledge of the area's history, local culture and traditions, as he is guiding you along some of the most breathtaking trails in all of Costa Rica.

About Safety

Our commitment to safety is second to none and starts with the immaculate care for the health and happiness of our horses. Before the start of your trek into the Monteverde wilderness, your professional guide will give you a detailed safety briefing. We also ensure that all riders wear a well-fitting helmet and are provided with horse that fits their skill level. We welcome riders of all skill levels with a minimum age of 6 years and up and match your mount accordingly.


  • All Guests incl. children    - $40


What's Included

  • Free hotel pick-up from Monteverde and Santa Elena

Payment & Cancelation Policy

  • To make a reservations, payments need to be received at least 7 business days before the tour start date.

  • Please send cancellation requests to minimum 7 days before tour start date.

  • No cancelations 7 days before tour start date.

  • We reserve the right to cancel a pre-paid tour due to weather or unsafe conditions, in which case we will re-schedule your tour or refund your payment.

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